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Our support page offers you useful links to the sklera help center and user manual.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions regarding sklera CMS, sklera Player, as well as purchase options and pricing here.

Technical Support

Help articles and support ticketing can be found in our Help Center.

User manual

Are you already a sklera customer? The user manual can be found in the sklera CMS (German only).

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our frequently asked questions below.


How can I obtain a license?

We do not sell our licenses directly, but through selected distribution partners. Write to us to get in touch!

No - but our sales partners will be happy to put together a hardware package for you. Write to us to get in touch!

Yes, there are special rates for retailers. Contact us for details!

Yes, there are quantity discounts for larger projects, usually starting from 10 licenses. Contact us for details!

Yes, we are happy to support you and your institution on request.

We are always happy to welcome new sales opportunities and partners. Contact us for details!

No, but your sales partner will be happy to provide you with further information. Write to us to get in touch!


What is the difference between sklera standard and sklera professional?

In essence, sklera professional offers some enterprise features for larger signage networks with touch capabilities and unlimited CMS storage. The precise scope of features can be found here.

No, only one package can be used per channel.

Yes, we offer a one-time license for events. Your partner will be happy to provide you with more information. Write to us to get in touch!

Demo access is available for 15 days. You will receive information by email in advance. Please contact us if you require a longer period.

Yes, you have 6 months after the expiration of your demo account to contact us and have it reactivated. After that your uploaded data will be deleted.

We will store your uploaded data for a further 6 months, after which it will be deleted.

Technical questions

On which hardware does sklera run?

LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen, Android, Amazon FireTV, Chrome OS, Linux, Windows 7 and above.

We are constantly covering new hardware. A detailed list of certified devices can be found in our help center.

No, you need a professional or public display from these manufacturers to use the sklera Player or you can use your LG WebOS TV or Samsung Tizen TV with an external player hardware (e.g. Amazon Fire TV).

There are different procedures depending on the device, which you will find in our help center.

If you use sklera in the cloud, you can reset your password HERE. Please contact your sales partner if you are running sklera on your own server (on-premises).

A channel includes your media items, playlists and players that belong to your account.

The sklera CMS is the central control element for content and displays. The sklera Player brings your content created in sklera CMS to the display. The sklera Player acts as the required operating system, which is installed directly on the display.

Yes, there are no restrictions. It is possible to share different player platforms.

Yes, contact us for your customised enterprise solution.

Yes, contact us for your customised enterprise solution.

Your data will be hosted in Ireland, we can also offer you a customised hosting package on request.

Yes, the help center is available to answer all your questions. Please contact your sales partner for personal training of your team.

Yes, your displays connect to the server and can be operated regardless of location.

Yes, transferred data is stored offline. The player synchronises automatically as soon as a connection to the server is available again.

Yes, content can be uploaded in 4k and played using the appropriate player hardware.

Yes, sklera works in both landscape and portrait format.

You can find all information regarding supported image and video formats here.

Yes, these document formats can be uploaded and played back as images in the sklera standard and sklera professional packages.

Animations from PowerPoint cannot be uploaded here.

Only PDF documents can be uploaded and used in the Basic package.

Yes, HTML5 apps can be developed and uploaded, which can then be played using the Javascript SDK provided.

sklera uses an external service provider to obtain the weather data for each location (

Social networks can be integrated via the connection.

Yes, you can integrate individual YouTube videos that are streamed (no offline capability).

YouTube channels and playlists cannot be integrated.

This feature is under development. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date.

Most technical questions are covered by our Help Center.
The user manual can be found in the sklera CMS under this link (German only).

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