How sklera works

You can easily manage your content and displays from any location and supported device with sklera.

The two software components sklera CMS and sklera Player are your tools for this. Create your own playlists in sklera CMS simply by drag & drop. You can manage content here time-dependently and control and monitor your displays, while the sklera Player shows the content on any number of displays. All this with just a few clicks and in real time. That is "digital signage made easy".

This image shows an illustration of how the sklera cms and sklera player work together.
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sklera CMS and sklera Player

The sklera CMS is the central control element for content and displays.

The sklera Player brings your content created in sklera CMS to the display. The sklera Player acts as the required operating system, which is installed directly on the display.

sklera CMS features

Flexible data sources

Social media channels, Dropbox, RSS feeds, weather data, Exchange*, XML widgets

Do you not only want to create and upload your content, but also conveniently obtain it directly from external sources? This is also possible thanks to sklera CMS's seamless connection to services such as Dropbox, the integration of RSS data sources or your social media channels via Of course, you can also import external data via a defined XML format or use a local exchange server or Office365 account via 2-way sync.* Even up-to-date global weather data can be easily integrated with the sklera CMS.

*Add-on license required per channel.

This image shows an illustration of the sklera cms feature "flexible data sources".
sklera CMS features

Design tools

Layout designer, WYSIWG editor, central colour management, custom fonts, touchable layouts

Create your own HTML5 spots directly in the browser and format them in a modern text editor with free formatting for characters and paragraphs and your own font if you wish. Your playlists shine in your CI with our central colour management system. The sklera CMS also supports touch-enabled layouts, even as touch-optimized PDFs and video players.

This image shows an illustration of the sklera cms design tools feature.
sklera CMS features

Flexible content planning

Media library, playlists, scheduler, content filter, local playlists

The sklera CMS stores your playlists centrally and manages your data in the media library. The scheduler can be used to define the validity times of playlists and individual contents. It is not only the content that is managed in the sklera CMS, you can also control the way in which playlists are played. Create complex playout rules based on tags/categorisation of content and players or create location playlists that can add to a central playout on a local basis.

This image shows an illustration of the sklera cms feature which offers flexible content planning and scheduling.
sklera CMS features

Intuitive & responsive

sklera is HTML 5 based and does not require the installation of additional software, thereby ensuring the quick and efficient launch and management of your displays from your smartphone.

This image shows an illustration of the intuitive and responsive sklera cms.
  • This image shows the WYSIWYG editor of the layout designer.
    Layout designer
  • Picture of the sklera cms displaying details of your doorsign player.
    Player details
  • This image shows the sklera library.
    sklera library
  • This image shows playlists in the sklera cms.
  • This image shows the playlist scheduler settings.
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sklera CMS features

Display monitoring: live monitoring, incident manager, remote view, guidelines

The sklera CMS features a comprehensive display monitoring tool for the real-time monitoring of the content currently being played and for the management of player settings. Quickly detect faults and control approved players as required with a dedicated remote control view. This also allows you to change the content to be played at the touch of a button.

The sklera CMS creates weekly or monthly reports on registered players for your statistics. The playback frequency of the individual spots can also be assessed up to one year.

The sklera CMS does of course feature a clear user management interface for creating and editing access rights and assigning user roles. You always have easy access to media from your other sklera accounts thanks to our multichannel feature.

Read objects in sklera using the REST API and make changes very easily. sklera also supports Azure AD as an alternative to password authentication*.

*Add-on license per server required
(private cloud or on-premises installation required)

The sklera Player supports a variety of formats and sources: whether images, videos, documents, websites, YouTube videos and social walls via or special requirements such as HLS streaming for live TV, local multicast video streams (under LG webOS and Linux) and custom HTML5 apps.

The sklera Player also offers various features for the playback of your content: random playback, video wall playback with various display sizes (Linux, ChromeOS and LG webOS), or synchronous playback for simultaneous playlist playing across separate players (Linux, ChromeOS and LG webOS). Even the operating times can be controlled via the sklera Player app.

The content is stored on the players offline for smooth playback, ensuring playback even in the event of connection problems. Intelligent coordination of simultaneous downloads also leads to traffic minimisation and therefore better performance during playback.

The sklera Player supports proximity sensors as well as digital or analogue buttons. It also transmits Eddystone / Google Nearby URLs depending on content or location (compatible hardware required).

We offer various options for installing the sklera Player on your display depending on the hardware you use. Supported platforms include: Android, ChromeOS, LG webOS, Samsung Tizen, Linux and Windows. Detailed instructions about the different options and their usage can be found here.

Stay in control of display content by sending up-to-date screenshots (Android, webOS and Linux) or use Android Watchdog to automatically restart the sklera Player app and install updates without user intervention.

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