The sklera story

Having got to know each other as colleagues, Andreas Weiler and Thomas Strauß, present-day managing directors of sklera, were confronted with the digital signage issue for the first time in 2011 and recognised the future demand for such solutions.

At the time they considered the existing systems on the market to be not very user-friendly. The idea of an in-house development based on the latest technological standards and designed for easy handling soon emerged. With the rise of HTML5 and cloud storage, sklera was able to take advantage of these new technologies directly. The focus of the development is on usability, platform independence, scalability and the delay-free real-time display of the content on the displays.

The first prototype of the sklera CMS was developed in 2014 and went live the following year with the first customer project in the health sector. In an effort to concentrate fully on the further development of the CMS, the now sklera KG brought Solo IT, an experienced sales partner, on board. This partnership means that sklera's growing customer base now has access to comprehensive hardware expertise and technical support on-site.

The cooperation with LG resulted in one of the first digital signage solution based on LG webOS in 2015. With the foundation of sklera GmbH in 2017, the technical range was extended to include on-premises solutions for enterprise customers.

sklera displays were used in 2018 to keep participants of the Austrian EU Council Presidency informed via live streams and display timetables at the Austria Center Vienna. This comprehensive project was managed in its entirety by the employees of the Federal Chancellery via the sklera CMS thanks to its sophisticated usability. That same year saw the launch of sklera Room Manager, another product in the form of a digital door signage solution.

sklera Milestones


sklera KG launches sklera CMS, one of the first cloud- and HTML5-based digital signage products on the market.


sklera displays run on all continents, boosted by the new sales partnership with Solo IT.


The 1000th sklera Player goes live and sklera expands to touch displays and video walls, as well as on-premises hosting.


sklera launches another product on the market with the Room Manager digital door signage solution.


sklera CMS and sklera Player will be continuously expanded and developed further.

The aim is to support further operating systems, develop new features and further improve the overall system performance. Usability and scalability for smaller customers and large enterprise projects continue to be in focus. After the great success in the German-speaking region, sklera will enjoy a stronger position in new markets and expand cooperations in the future.

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