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New release: sklera 3.9.1

Oct 2021

Reworking fundamentals

Much has happened since we released sklera 3.8.1 (and yes, we totally forgot to press the big 'publish' button on that particular news entry) into the wild. We've been hard at work these past few months to both improve sklera in its existing functionality, as well as to bring new exciting features to our cloud driven digital signage. Center stage for sklera 3.9.1: our completely revamped user management and permissions system!

A new permissions system

Before we dig into it: nothing's changing for you. While we completely redid the inner workings of our user management and permissions systems, existing users will retain their assigned roles and access levels they had up until this point.

One aspect which repeatedly popped up in feedback from our users and customers was that said user roles were not flexible enough for their needs - especially if a user was to have access to multiple channels within sklera.

Under the current regime a user had exactly one role assigned to him/her - e.g. 'user', 'editor', 'manager'. This was a static role with a static set of permissions which applied to every channel the user was assigned to. Our new system allows a user to be assigned permissions in one of two ways:

  • Simple Mode. This is the default mode in which new users are created (and existing users were set to during the update). This mode reflects how sklera handled users so far - one user has exactly one role, in every channel he/she has access to. If you're happy with this, you don't need to do anything - everything works as you're used to.
  • The new Advanced Mode is the meat and potatoes of our new permissions system. It allows for far more granular permissions to be defined. For instance, you can define that a user is allowed to view the playlists in your channel, but can not edit them. Or maybe you want a user to have full access to one channel, but read-only access to another? Child's play with Advanced Mode.

It'd exceed the scope of this blog post to go into more detail - it's release notes, after all. You'll find a more in-depth view of our new permissions system in a separate article, as well as in the help pages of

More news & fixes in 3.9.1

New Features

  • Besides the new permissions system we've added Object Permissions, with which you can add permissions to folders, playlists and layouts to restrict certain activities to specific users or user groups
  • ESL Imagotag eInk labels are now supported via the V:Cloud API in addition to the ESL core service.

Tweaks of existing features

  • Screen detail view: the live preview has now improved handling of document type spots in playlists. Instead of just showing the cover page you'll be able to see the actual page being played.
  • YouTube videos can now be directly replaced in the media library by going to the item settings and pressing the 'replace item' button.
  • Improvements to the styling possibilities of the QR Code widget in the Layout Composer.
  • Extended the Media Library list view to show the resolution of images. Additionally added a warning with possibly problematic large PNG images.
  • Added a 'Last changed at' field to Item properties
  • Changed the behaviour of the 'Replace element' button in the media library. Once a replacement has been picked, the modal automatically closes.
  • Added a 'Copy CSS class' button to the custom CSS classes of widgets in the Layout Composer
  • ESL Imagotag Labels: Room listing is now alphabetical.


  • User management: Fixed a bug where 'Last online' and 'Last Password change' was displayed in Czech irrespective of the user language set
  • Playlist Spot Edit: Fixed an issue with the volume slider where setting it to 0 and pressing 'Save & go to next spot' would reset the volume to a default value.
  • Fixed a similar bug in the Layout Composer when trying to adjust the volume of a video.
  • Incident Manager: Screens with an active Miracast were shown with a wrong icon.
  • Layout Composer: Fixed a bug with newly created layouts which would suddenly be 'empty' if you saved & previewed the layout.
  • Layout Composer: Fixed a bug where the 'replace element' button didn't show YouTube videos.

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