Multi-channel access!

We rolled out a software update this week with enhanced permission support. It is now possible to access multiple channels (a.k.a. libraries) with a single user account more easily. This allows us to satisfy more complex hierarchy structure like permission requirements.

Think of a global channel which gets managed by the central Marketing department and several local channels where the Content Manager has an account with which he can only access the content for his property.

What’s new in the user interface?

You can switch between allowed channels by clicking on the channel name in the upper right (1) and then choose the desired channel (2) – no need to logout and login with an different account:

If you don’t see the channel name it means that you have a single channel user account.

Also you can add content from the other channels easily using our media picker dialog:


and you can even access the preset playlists of other channels in the screen group:

Nice feature! How much is it?

All customers can access that feature for free, that’s to cool thing of a cloud solution. New features get integrated without any additional costs. If you want a multichannel setup just open an support ticket by mailing us at

With best regards,

The team of sklera
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