Supported hardware for sklera

To use sklera you only need a HTML5 compatible player device. Digital Signage displays of the newest generation from Samsung or LG are fully supported without an additional external device, saving you money while offering direct control and monitoring of your screens. At the moment the following player devices are tested and fully supported, newer devices will be added as soon as possible:

LG Signage Displays and sklera

With sklera your project gets transfered on any screen. LG Signage Displays based on webOS work out of the box without an otherwise needed external player device. Plug it in and get started. All current available webOS based signage displays are supported!

Chrome OS and sklera

You already have dispays and don't want to buy new ones? Then use your existing displays with a Chromebox or Chromebit device and our Chrome App. Chromeboxes are available from several manufacturers like ASUS, Acer, HP or AOPEN. Just unbox your chromebox, plug it in, install our app and your existing display is ready for sklera.

Amazon Fire TV stick and sklera

Turn your the small Fire TV stick into an Digital Signage device. Search for "sklera" in the Appstore and you are ready to go. Of course the App also works on Fire TV or Fire Tablets. This allows you to start your own digital signage solution right now. Even with a very low budget.

Samsung SMART Signage Display and sklera

sklera allows you to play your pictures and videos on a wide range of Samsung Signage Displays. The DB/DM models of the current D series are fully supported without the need of an external player device. Samsung DB/DM Displays are available in sizes from 10 up to 75 inch. Other models with support of the "Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP)" are probably also supported. In order to avoid troubles, please contact us up front if you plan to use a specific Samsung Display model not mentioned here.

NEC Display-Solution and sklera

With sklera you can play your slideshows on your displays 24/7. NEC offers a broad range of professional displays with an optional integrated player box (OPS - Open Pluggable Specification). Use our sklera App under Windows or Linux to get the benefits of sklera on your NEC display.

A more detailed list about currently supported player hardware and their restrictions can be found in our Knowledgebase!

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