Eddystone & Physical Web support

We have successfully integrated Eddystone/Physical Web™ support for selected Chromebox customers. The feature will be available to all regular users through an automatic update soon.

But what’s Eddystone?

Basically it’s Google’s version of a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon: https://developers.google.com/beacons/. And since it’s from Google it’s not a surprise that Chrome OS based devices are already capable of supporting Eddystone through a software update.

Why would I need beacon technology for a Digital Signage solution?

One application of Eddystone beacons is the Physical Web, an open web discovery layer built on top of Eddystone-URL. It’s a great technology to inform nearby customers with useful extra information through their smartphone. Google already integrated Physical Web support in their mobile version of the popular Chrome browser. You can start today and opt in to receive notifications of nearby Eddystone beacons on your mobile. To get a better overview just watch Google’s YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yaLPRgtlR0

Cool! How can I use it in your Digital Signage solution like sklera?

Physical Web and sklera makes perfectly sense. When you already have Chromeboxes out there they will automatically become an Eddystone beacon through a software upgrade (the App will ask for additional Bluetooth permissions). You can then define custom URLs for each playlist item or for the whole playlist. When a customer opens the beacon notification he will get redirected to the content specific URL automatically! So e.g. if you are showing an ad for a specific product you can broadcast a product landing page for your audience who are close the the Chromebox / display.

Eddystone support

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