New HTML5 layout designer available now

We are very proud to present you a major upgrade to our own HTML5 based layout designer tool. With the designer you have all tools needed to draft your own unique layouts or digital menu boards without the need of an external application. Dynamic data and static text can be arranged and changed easily.

See the following screenshots to get an impression of our new tool:


Create a new layout

You start a new layout by clicking on the “new layout” button in the library.


An empty layout

You start with an empty layout and can set the orientation of your slide to landscape or portrait. If you already have existing layouts you can also load an existing layout by clicking on “load template”.


Layouts can also be in portrait orientation


The new color picker



Support for dynamic data widgets like weather or RSS feeds. More will come.


Each object becomes an own layer and can be rearranged


You can even rotate your pictures or videos

As always: The new layout designer is available by today to all customers for free. The update was already deployed in background without any service interruption.

With best regards,

The team of sklera
digital signage made easy

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